WE are interested in anyone who would like to audition for the music ministry. We do expect the people who want to become part of the team to understand that it is in fact a team and not a stage for individuals performers.

You are required to be a worshipper and we discourage entertainers. we truly believe that there is a huge difference between the two. The person who wants to audition must understand the difference and be willing to be a team player. We believe that a worshipper on the worship team must be able to show others the way into the throne room of God. Having said that we applicate talent but are also open to anyone who believes they are called to this position but needs a little work. There will be a period of time for coming alongside to encourage those who want to be apart of the team but we will require that they show the desire to practice and improve.

They must be willing to be at all practices and listen to the worship leader for their instruction. Everyone is encourage to have input but the final say is the worship leaders.

If you feel you can meet these requirements please see Rodolfo Diaz the worship lead.

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