We support missions in Okinawa with Eder and his family serving as a Pastor there and music minister. Along with Missions in Mexico with Mario and in Israel with Larry and his family as well.

We believe that we must preach the gospel across the land and the first place we need to focus on is in our local area of Las Vegas.

There are many places to reach out to others in our neighborhoods and places of work, its a one on one effort that brings revival into our land and not programs. We believe that it is everyone’s job to go out and tell someone about the Lord. For the Holy Spirit is in the believer and in that we find our desire to glorify the Lord by reaching out to others in our communities. Sheep reproduce so therefore it is people who have hearts for the Lost who speak out in Jesus name. The Lord makes disciples and we are to teach them and love them and help them along the way.

We have one program, and its assigned to every believer: Pray that the Lord will bring someone into our lives each day to witness to then tell that someone about Jesus. We need only to except that assignment! Jesus will do the rest.

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