Pastor Wayne Rispalje

I came from a small town in California call Tehachapi, moved here to Vegas for the last two years of high school at Rancho High. Joined the Navy from there and served through a tour over seas in Vietnam. I was a carpenter, truck driver and was part of the underwater recuse team for the sheriff’s department here in Vegas. Did some team roping (cowboy). I accepted the Lord some 40 year ago and it has been a ride beyond anything I could have ever imagined. After bible College I started my service to the Lord at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas as we formed the first of what was to become many Calvary’s throughout the valley and surrounding small towns.

I very much look forward to making your acquaintance! Over the years, hundreds of people have passed through our small but mighty congregation. Some have moved away to other cities or states, some have been called to ministry on the other side of the world, and other still have remained beloved members of our church for the duration. But no matter where they are today, they all have one thing in common. They all are our brothers and sisters in the Lord spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us.

In worship and in praise, in study and in fellowship, The Lord has touched each and every life in a unique, special and often powerful way. My hope and my prayer is that you too, would meet with Jesus under our roof. This is a place of comfort and shelter for many who have experienced hurt and loss in their lives. It’s a place of fellowship and love for those who are lost and lonely. It is a place of learning for those who seek a closer relationship with the Lord and a place of worship for those who love Him.

Although we are a humble church, we are blessed with people from many countries and all walks of life who love the Lord and truly care about people. In many ways, our small size is our greatest asset as we can minister to people on a far more personal level. I love being on a first name basis with every member of our church and being accessible for them in their needs and in their victories as well. Most of all I love watching people come to the knowledge and understanding of who our Lord is and how mighty, wonderful and loving He is.

Whether you are a new believer, a seasoned saint, or drawn here to learn more about something you don’t yet understand, we are here for you.