About the Pastor

I have been with the Calvary movement since the 70’s. I attended Calvary bible college in Twin Peaks California. I was part of the starting of Calvary Chapel of Las Vegas as an elder when they were at Bunker Brother on Main St in the late 70’s. I have a AA degree in theology. I was blessed with a beautiful wife in 1982. I have lead many different bible studies around the valley and been on many missions trip to Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Israel. When the church spread out into other parts of the valley I became involved with Calvary Chapel East. After sitting under two pastors as an elder I was asked to pastor the church, after much prayer I accepted and have been pastoring this church ever since. Over the years we have moved a few times and during that time we have changed the name to Calvary Chapel Son-rise and have settled in East Las Vegas were we feel the Lord is doing a great work. We are a small church and we are not concerned with numbers, only people. We have ministered to thousands of people over the years who are now in other churches involved in great ministries and we are blessed to have been a part of their lives. I have always believed in keeping the main thing the main thing and that main thing is “Jesus Christ.” I have never believed in much entertainment. I have always believed that the church is a sanctuary of God and we come there to praise, worship and study God’s word. It is a great honor to serve the Lord in this capacity as pastor and I will do so until the Lord comes and takes me home.